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Monster Management

Princess or Monster? This is a song in the primer level of a popular piano method series. The lyrics are:

Once there was a princess. A princess. A princess.

Once there was a princess, a long time ago.

She lived in a castle. A castle. A castle.

She lived in a castle, a long time ago.

Once there was a monster. A monster. A monster.

Once there was a monster, a long time ago.

He lived in a dungeon. A dungeon. A dungeon.

He lived in a dungeon, a long time ago.

My student, Maggie, and I talked about the purpose of the song and what we needed learn. The question came up: Why is the Monster always in the dungeon and the Princess gets

the castle?

Here were all of my questions:

  1. Why can’t a Monster end up in the castle?

  2. What if the Princess had bad spending habits?

  3. What if the Monster saved all of his money and bought a really nice castle? Could he still live there?

  4. Why is the Monster a dude?

  5. Couldn’t the Monster be a hard working college graduate from a nice middle class family?

  6. Could the Prince be a poor money manager and end up renting the castle dungeon from the successful Monster (who earned a degree in Information Technology and not Art History with a minor in Philosophy)?

Maggie looked at me like I was crazy! She put her hand up to stop my questioning and said: The Monster doesn’t have any money. He has to live in the dungeon!

Me: Why?

There was a small moment of silence….

Maggie: ...because he had bad breath and spent all of his money on toothpaste!

Me: *stares off into space and contemplates that she just might be right

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