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Who's Afraid of Everything?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Kakorrhaphiophobia = Fear of Failure

Achievemephobia = Fear of Success

I am. I am afraid of everything! Well, not really...just afraid to fail, afraid to be successful, afraid of R.O.U.S....

Nothing is more powerful than wanting to do something but afraid of both ends of the gamut: Success AND Failure. It is a treacherous land in which to live. My address? 123 Missed Opportunity Land, Phobia-ville, DBTYJBS (in the state of Don’t-Bother-Trying-You’ll-Just-Be-Sad).

Well, I’m packing up! Moving! Who wants to load boxes in the truck? Don’t worry. I only have two boxes to move. Remember, when helping friends move, an obligation pizza is always offered. Pizza for moving only TWO boxes. What. A. Deal.

Box #1: Kakorrhaphiophobia (my label maker was smoking when it printed…)

While packing up this box, here are a few things I’m cramming in this container (don’t worry, I got the big box):

  • Looking and sounding ridiculous

    • Rationale: Write (only) about what you are trained for: Hymnody or something relating to music.

  • No one reading my writing but me

    • Rationale: What? Are you (meaning my inner voice) only writing to become famous? That’s hilarious.

  • My family rolling their eyes at, yet another, crazy idea

    • Family inquiry:

      • Remember when you asked for a skateboard for Christmas?

      • Remember when you asked for a unicycle for Christmas?

Box #2: Achievemephobia (my label maker LOL’d while printing…)

Me? Afraid of achievement? Anyone who knows me would seriously question my sanity. I am driven, a self-diagnosed, untreated workaholic. When formulating a process for something job related, nothing can stop me. However, this feels different. I’m not a writer. I’m not a professional handler. I’m not a web designer. I’m not a health guru or nutritionist. So, I’m packing up all of the I’m not… decor in this box.

So my two boxes are packed, taped, and ready to go.

This best part of this type of packing means I don’t have to unpack any of it!

I. Am. Outta. Here.

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