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Blue Eagle Dogs

What's not to love about a dog?  Currently, the residents are Daisy, Diesel, Happy, and Odin.  We enjoy spending time in conformation and obedience/rally.  We plan to dabble a little in agility this year if I can manage to run a bit and not fall down. (We have lofty goals here....)  Information about each dog can be found on their personal page.

Update 6/23/21

Odin has moved down a bit in the UKC Rally Obedience rankings, but never fear!  We have several trials and hope to stay in the Top Ten this year.

Daisy swept the Champion class at the UKC National Specialty and Premier shows.  New pictures are up on her Photos Page Two.  

Diesel earned a Weight Pull leg, an Award of Merit, and a Reserve Champion during our week at Premier.

Update 6/10/21

Odin is currently #7 in UKC Rally Obedience Class 1 All-Stars!

Daisy qualified Total Dog over Memorial Day weekend

Diesel is currenlty tied at #9 for the AKC Owner-Handled Series

Happy is still ranked #1 on the Jonathon Wyatt Owner Series

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